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2 x Barlow Lens

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So I’ve just taken delivery of my Skywatcher Heritage 130P telescope and I’m looking at getting a 2 x Barlow Lens.

Is there a particular brand or type which would work best with this telescope?

Bonus Question - What other essential accessories/equipment would you say would be great to go with this telescope?

Thanking you in advance!

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The 25mm eyepiece is considered decent, but everyone pans the 10mm eyepiece.  Folks on here usually recommend upgrading the 10mm with an 8mm or 12mm BST Starguider.

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The "Heritage" 130P has a rather short focal-length: 650 mm.  You can certainly make good use of a barlow.  A barlow is practically mandatory if wanting to make full use of the telescope...


I have that one myself, and it's quite good, excellent even.  Combining it with an 8mm eyepiece will give you a magnification of 163x, and for close-ups.

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The default Skywatcher 10mm EP is pretty dreadful in my opinion.

I decided the zoom option was right for me but I'd have gone for a 12mm BST Paradigm or Starguider fixed eyepiece had I not chosen that route. I see a Barlow as a good "add on"  only if the eyepiece I am adding it to is of good quality.

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