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It's Top ten time again :)

What are your personal fav games of all time? This can be on any format...

1.Manic Miner ZX speccy

2.Pac Man Arcade/Mame

3.Dungeon Master Atari ST

4.Plok Snes

5.Wipeout 2 PSX

6.Gorf Arcade/Mame

7.Half Life PC

8.Voo doo Vince Xbox

9.Msr Dreamcast

10.Space Invaders


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I recently found a spectrum, snes and megadrive emulator and have millions of games for all three consoles. My all time favourite retro game is Road Rash 3, it's just such a cool game, I also used to love the flight sim for spectrum, can't remember what it was called. Thankfully the days of popping a tape in, going to have dinner, coming back and the game still isn't loaded have gone....

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My brothers got a spectrum i`ve tried it and the games take about 10-20 mins to load even then there`s no guarantee that the game will work.

I`ve got a:



Sega Saturn


Master System


My favourite all time game is (this is a difficult question)most probably Street Fighter for mega Drive. :) :)

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You guys won't believe this, but I used to work for Bally/Midway. I had a hand in building Space Invaders, Pac Man, Gorf, Galaxian, Tron and a ton of other video games. My job was to fix the printed circuit boards off the assembly line for installations in game consoles. I actually wrote the field service manual for Galaxian.

Five years of that, and I don't play many video games any more. :?

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Some people have far too much time on their hands..........

1) Manic Miner & Jet Set [removed word] - Spectrum

2) Half Life 2 - PC

3) Tomb Raider - PS2

4) Far Cry - PC

5) Most of the Mame emulations (track & field, galaxians, asteriods, etc)

6) Bombjack - Atari ST

7) Tempest - Arcade

8) Deus Ex - PC



Can't think of any more at the moment.....

moonhunter - that was always part of the experience - will it load, won't it - the tension was unbearable sometimes - lol :)

Almost tempted to hunt one down...........<nostalgic thoughts> :)


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Another great top ten. We like these.

'PC game' has to be the key here as apart from my old Atari 2600 console in the late 70's/early 80's, never been fond of consoles. My favs in no particular order:

1. Asteroids - Atari 2600

2. Pac Man - Atari 2600

3. Age of Empires - PC

4. Age of Empires 2 - PC

5. Medal of Honour online - PC

6. Battlefield 1942 online - PC

7. Combat Flight Sim 2 - PC

8. Legend of Zelda - NES

9. Hidden & Dangerous 2 - PC

10. Midtown Madness - PC

If I was going to pick three best ever to date it would be:

Medal of Honour - Allied Assault -- i've spent entire nights playing this online. Great maps, great game play, ohh i loved it.

Battlefield 1942 - as above

Hidden & Dangerous 2 - as above

yep anything WWII orientated that first person shoot em up or flight sim, I love!!

Age of Empires deserves a special mention, played almost as much as the above three.


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[glow=red,2,300]Atari 2600 console [/glow] You wouldnt believe how much i played that system as a kid at the Time that was the Dog's swingers i think i had about 55 cart's for that:)...

Medal of Honour online thats fantastic i have not played it for a while but i will install it again soon great atmosphere! fancy a game one day russ?

Consoles and Computers i have owned are as follow's.

Atari 2600 also the computer version..

Bbc Micro computer+Monitor

CBM Vic20+16k expantion pack


Oric 1

Zx spectrun 16k,48k,128k

Atari St

CBM Amiga 500,1200

Amstrad 256

Millions of PC'S lol and two Laptop's and 3 Palm computer's


Mega drive




PC Engine

SNK Neo Geo

Gameboy +Advance+colour

PSX 1 and 2



Gamecube(2 days)

There's many more i just cant remember at the moment lol..

JAMES :sunny:

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That's the manual, James! They added the first page for credit, but the rest of it, I wrote. I made the flow charts, copied the schematics wrote the text and took the pictures.

Wow, flashback to 1979....

Excellent ASTROMAN I bow before you!

James :)

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Crikey james thats a lot of systems.

Only owned the following:

Atari 2600 (played it to death from 1979 to 1985)

NES (didn't have it long, only liked one game - Zelda)

Atari ST (not bad but couldn't wait to get a proper PC)

PSone (bought for my son, never really played it. Graphics are bleddy awful, and that was my verdict the day it was released. The PC just kills it)

2 x PC's continually updated (just love my PC's)

1 laptop

And as of yesterday, a Crystal Xbox (bought for my son for £45 inc 2 controllers and DVD remote. It showed promise last night and it uses a Keyboard and Mouse for FPS games :) :) :) :))

What I need now is an LCD TV for the Xbox because games look pretty Rubbish on a standard 28" widescreen. If i could just get one of those for £45. :shock:


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What I need now is an LCD TV for the Xbox because games look pretty Rubbish on a standard 28" widescreen. If i could just get one of those for £45.
You can get a LCD screen that's something like what the PS1 had that connects to the xbox and makes it a portable system(if you can fit that in your pocket lol). I play my xbox on a 42" sony widescreen tv playing games like Rally Championship is just amazing with this setup...

I remember one more console Dreamcast, i picked one up for a couple of quid the other day some great games on this failed console...


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Try Bass fishing - it was the only game that we ever bought for the Dreamcast - in fact it was the reaso we bought the dreamcast...

Make sure that you get the fishing rod with it though - makes al lthe difference.


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James - Oric 1 :):):):):):)

Can't believe I've found someone else who had one!!!

That was my first computer.

Happy memories of spending hours on a Saturday typing in program listings........

Then your Dad turns off the power without telling you.....Bliss! :)


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I seen the game in Gamestation with the controller/Rod n Reel i thought about getting it, cost 15quid thats nearly 4 times what i paid for the DC lol maybe get it friday for a laff:).........


Yes i remember the days of when you couldnt save your game and getting on the last level of something only to be interupted "get that computer off now i told you about 3 hrs ago BEDTIME!" lol..

The one thing i love about PC games is you can save ya game were you want and as many times as you want to...These memory card's on psx Dc etc etc really get on my PiP's...:)

James :)

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3D Ant Attack blimey that's a good un Gaz, i was awful at that Game, i think i may still have that in the Attic at my mothers house mmmmmm

Popular Computing Weekly that was a excellent Magazine but my all time Fav even today has to be Crash Magazine..


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