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Improving stability of Geoptik Eartha Equatorial Platform with 12" dobsonian telescope

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You would say the more the better, but 3 is like a magic number to maintain stability whenever the ground gives away.  
Cant you reinforce the construction between the 3 “magic” points? Maybe remove the 3 legs and add a strong triangle shaped  construction to the bottom, and mount the 3 legs under the triangle construction.  1000% that when one of the outer legs gets some clearance, you end up with a seesaw when all the weight moves to that leg.  

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3 legs for a tripod with 1 touch point? yes

In a rectangular design with 4 touching bearings? No. And the facts blow all the words, in this particular design (results at the end of the video).

And it seems that also for TEPP platform it works better this way.

I'm truly happy with the improvement made.

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1 hour ago, Louis D said:

Did shoot a new video of your scope riding on it to show it wobbling less after being touched than in your original review video?

Yes. All the videos after that one.

This for ex:


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I've added this update to the video description:

Note: the telescope wobbling that may be noticed in this video was due to my mistake placing the platform without inserting the 2 threads the platform "Y" top has, to fit on the 2 platform top holes, resulting in set up instability. I've notice that later but decided not to record another video. Since then i've been cautious not to repeat that mistake in all the videos i record which show the telescope properly balanced.

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