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DIY manual setting circle dials


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I have decided to add manual setting circles to my DocMount and RocketMount. This thread is about the DIY dials I'm adding to the DocMount which is a DM6 clone.

I've added a few photos as they describe the process better then words.







This dial is then machined to fit around the UHWPE bearings.




Once fitted it looks like this.




A = The pointer which will be scribed this does not move and is fixed.

B = This dial moves 360° and will be scribed 0° to 360°

C = This is a locking screw once tightened it will lock B to the plate connected to the dovetail


Finished article




Now the maths:


Setting circle dial is 132mm in diameter.


So Pi (3.141) x D 


3.141 x 132 = 414.612


414.612 divided by 360° = 1.151


So am I correct in saying there is a gap of 1.151 between each division.


Is this a division in degrees or millimetres?


Also does anyone know a UK company that can laser print, or laser engrave degree circles so it looks similar to this


machine dial



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