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I was out from about 9.45 to 11.00 pm with the Tecnosky 102ED F7.  The Theeophilus trio of craters were superbly placed.

The lighting was really weird, with the Moon being a very strange brown colour.  The full crescent pic below is a single frame taken with the Olympus E-M5 Mk11, and the colour is just what it looked like with the naked eye. Perhaps some dust in the atmosphere?

The seeing was also atrocious most of the time, and very bad the rest of the time!  I too some snaps with my Samsung A40 phone through a Morpheus 17.5 mm using the Celestron smart phone adapter. Below is the best I managed, unusually it was actually better than what I could see through the telescope most of the time in the poor conditions.

I've also added a pic of the same area using the NASA Moon Phase and Libration 2021 Software set to the time I was observing.  It really does give an amazing representation very close to what you can see through the telescope.

Here's a link to the NASA software.







20210615_222830 Theo Trio CROP.jpg

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Added link to software.
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