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My first attempt at the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae.


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I finally managed to spend a (short) night outside and further test my portable setup. I really wanted to see if I could picture the Lagoon nebula, even though it was barely above the horizon and on top of the massive light pollution coming from Dover to the South East. I could not see a single star in Sagittarius with the naked eye, so I spent ages trying to find the nebula manually with my Z61 mounted on a Star Adventurer. It was painful, but I succeeded. Later it got better as Sagittarius moved into the gap between -I think- the pollution hubs of Dover  and Folkstone, but of course the nebulae never climbed higher than 10 or 15 degrees. Massive light gradients from S to N in the picture (left to rigtht), and bloated stars, but I did what I could in Photoshop. I also had plenty of dew; I have tried attaching some hand warmers to the telescope, but they do not seem to work, they stay cold until I put them inside my bag -when I reach home I can barely touch them! Very disappointing, I wonder if anyone can recommend a brand that works? I'd rather not mess with an electric one, I'm already carrying lots of equipment to the middle of the fields.

Anyway, 170 x30s subs at 400 ISO, plus flats, darks and bias. Taken, as I said, with a WO Z61 scope and an unmodded DSRL (Canon 77D). Processed entirely in Photoshop. Any tips appreciated!


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Considering the prevailing LP conditions I think that is a remarkable result. Great processing in PS.

Sorry but I can't help with the dew heater problem - I rely on 12V being available.


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8 hours ago, Adreneline said:


Sorry but I can't help with the dew heater problem - I rely on 12V being available.


Thank you. I'll have to consider buying an electrical heater, I guess.

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