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Using EAA to view M83


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I was recently asked to demonstrate the use of EAA at an upcoming meeting at a famous old 19th century observatory arranged by a local historical society. It was suggested that in case outdoors viewing was not possible because of inclement weather I might give an indoors presentation instead. The attendees will be the general public who's astro knowledge is expected to be minimal. So any presentation will need to be quite basic. I thought it might be useful to include a short video demonstrating how EAA works and so last Saturday night I recorded a session viewing M83. It probably won't be of much interest to most viewers of this forum who will already be experienced in EAA use but some newcomers to EAA may possibly get something out of it.

The YouTube link is https://youtu.be/C1Dgev063eE

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The presentation seemed to go quite well. It started with a shortish illustrated slide show followed by the video mentioned in this thread. Answers to audience queries were helped by using further slides that were organised by topic. Since the presentation (explaining to a general public audience the history and use of EAA) is possibly suitable for other audiences and since it seems a pity to throw away the materials that were used, I've put together a folder containing the slide show and the video mentioned earlier in this thread. If you are interested, let me know by pm giving an email address and I will arrange to send a copy of the folder to you. Feel free to modify the slide show and / or substitute your own video as you like.

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