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More solar eclipse photos, from Kent.

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It feels silly to share even more pictures of the eclipse after the amazing photos I  have seen posted already. As Borges says in his best poem, "The Golem",

Why did I give to the infinite
series a symbol more? To the coiled skein
on which the eternal thing is wound,
I gave another cause, another effect, another grief.

Or the Spanish original, always better,

¿Por qué di en agregar a la infinita
serie un símbolo más? ¿Por qué a la vana
madeja que en lo eterno se devana,
di otra causa, otro efecto y otra cuita?'

But we are vain creatures, so I'll post mine anyway. I snapped these from work, with a handheld camera and its standard 18-55 mm Canon lens. I started near the maximum and kept shooting at random intervals until the end. I pushed the colours for sharing in Instagram, so they look a bit unreal, but it helps in giving the clouds some structure. Anyway, I had lots of fun!








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1 hour ago, Les Ewan said:

Cant have too many eclipses shots.😎  

True, I guess! 🤔

1 hour ago, Scooot said:

I think these are great, I like the colours, they create a dramatic effect. :) 

Thank you! :)

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