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Evo 120 Saturn Jupiter 10th June

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Looked iffy setting up the 10" So under such circumstances easy to go for grab and go. Not as good of course but enjoyable still. For a cheap refractor it does have good contrast as can be seen by the banding on Saturn 

SW Evostar 120. Baarder 495 longpass Filter. Celestron Ultima 2x barlow. EQ5 Deluxe mount QHY462C Camera


saturn 10th june evo 120 temp.png cc.png


03:33 UT

03_24_21 best evo (2).tif template.tif 100.png

evo 120.jpg

Edited by neil phillips
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2 hours ago, Trevor N said:

Lots of detail there. Just goes to show you don’t need massive scopes to get good results. Well done

Prefer more resolution. But a handy stop gap showing a fair bit of detail for sure

Cheers  Trevor


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20 minutes ago, neil phillips said:

 Cheers. Its great doing planetary imaging again Pete. Are you not tempted yet ? 

Yes, very tempted. Unfortunately i have a huge row of conifers just down the street that blocks the South/south-East view. My window is almost directly South, just pased the meridian. I could catch them from a bedroom window, but i am guessing the imaging quality would be dreaful.

Enjoying seeing your images again Neil, its good to hear you are enjoying yourself in the wee hours, definitely the best time of the day!

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