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Jupiter shadow 9th June

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Seeing was a bit more stable than the other day Planet one IR685 Orion 10" Newtonian.  Celestron ultima 2x Barlow. QHY462C camera Question how bad does limb darkening look. Getting it also on the refractor so its not optical. 

03_24_21 9TH JUNE.png

 Jupiter 03:20 UT 200% processed resample. Downsized 75%

04_20_ ir685 moons.BLACK.png

03:26 UT 200% Resample downsized 75%


04_26_25 cool.png 2.png

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What lovely pictures, Neil. You are burning the midnight and early morning oil with your repeated observations of these early planets.

Fingers crossed we get some good conditions over the weekend and next weekend.

Keep the pictures coming!

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8 hours ago, Kokatha man said:

The Saturn looks quite nice Neil - no issues with LD imo btw. 

Cheers Darryl. Saturn still not in darkness here at the slightly higher elevation worth bothering with. Expecting a lot better as it enters darkness. (contrast)  But even then its never going to be great. Not at these heights. Still its great being out there again. Think i have missed it tbh. Cheers for the info on LD. Think its my 50"  TV causing unusual effects it seems. Looks ok too on the lappy.

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