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Refractor lens coatings

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I have an Orion 80mm Goscope, its lens are "coated". There is also a Orion ShortTube 80mm, and its lens are "multicoated".

I live in a Bortle 6 area, so I assume that a "multicoated" lens would give more contrast in that situation than a merely "coated" one?

I might want to try some very basic phone astrophotography, so I wondered if I should retire the Goscope and buy a ShortTube to replace it.

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Coating refers to applying a covering over the glass to reduce reflections from incoming light; remember all those action movies where the watchers are noticed because of reflections from the binoculars?

The coating reflects light reflected from the lens surface back to the lens giving a wee bit more light to the camera/eye piece

For a single lens, Multiple coatings; each coating is better “tuned” to a colour so even more lights if reflected back to the camera.

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1 hour ago, johninderby said:

Good little explanation of different coatings.



I also saw that Celestron site, but didn’t think explain what a coating actually does.

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