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Partial Eclipse

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I've taken a couple of days off work to watch and image the eclipse - and also in the hope of photographing Air Force One passing overhead (I'm in Cornwall, under the flightpath to Newquay).

It's not going great so far: the forecast for the eclipse is low cloud, fog and/or drizzle. Just to rub it in, Air Force One did fly low overhead about an hour ago, i.e. in the dark and invisible above the low cloud.

Good luck with the eclipse, all!

Regards, Mike.

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Posted (edited)

I’m going to pretend there is no partial eclipse and hopefully the cloud will let its guard down and allow a gap in the clouds then I’ll grab my solar setup from behind the door and be outside before the clouds realise it. 😁

The words long and shot come to mind. 😁

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We're cloudy up in Teesside, but there's occasional breaks and I'm hoping for a glimpse or two. 

Got a solar filter sorted yesterday with Baader film from Aunty Flo and had a test run. Nice to see some sunspots (2829), which looked quite nice in the C80ED at 120x. (Nasa image below). There's a group building near the middle that I'd like a look at, if the clouds would kindly clear off. Eclipse apart, I fancy spending some time this summer observing our beloved star.



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Hoping this approaching gap is well timed, and opens up a bit more! Have seen odd glimpses of the sun today so may be lucky.


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I’m sure I’ve seen a formula somewhere that shows the level of cloud is directly related to the importance of the astronomical event 😜

I know I’ve suffered it’s consequences many times…

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Blame me guys....  Guilty as charged..... I just acquired a Lunt 60Tha scope...🙈

What makes it so typical is that we have glorious sunshine in the days leading up to this morning and also it's clearing up this afternoon 🙈

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I almost bought the Lunt wedge that was on sale here plus hung my nose over it at FLO too just for this very event. In the end I didn't bother so you cannot blame me for the clouds although deep down maybe I knew what would happen 🤣

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Haha! The thickest grey cloud for 10-14 days is sitting right over me and won't be moving anytime soon.

I just hope it at least doesn't rain so I can make the most of the annual leave to get some heavy weight gardening done.

Those of you with clear skies. Enjoy. 👍

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