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AUX input on Sitech controller.

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I bought a Hinode solar guider on the assumption my mount was compatible, but I am not really sure and can’t find any data on it. 

Is the AUX port suitable for an ST4 cable?  The connector for an ST4 cable physically fits but I have decided against connecting anything to it without confirming first!





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+1 for asking the question on the Sitech forum, all queries seem to get a timely response.

I have found  warnings on the net not to connect a guide cam to the aux port on Celestron mounts, there are separate labelled autoguider and hand pad ports on the Sitech II controller but no aux port. Unfortunately I can’t see from the manual if these ports have the same connections.

In the Sitech manual on the Mk 1 controller schematic, the aux port pinouts are again unfortunately not specified.  

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Thanks guys. Lucas got back to me and confirmed the e200 doesn’t support ST4 guiding. Not a huge issue but just meant I had to return the Hinode solar guider as it wasn’t compatible with pulse guiding.  

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For future reference t might still be worth asking the question on the Sitech forum, the folks at Sidereal Technology always seem keen to help out with user issues.

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