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NGC3718 Twisted Galaxy group from New Mexico

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I have started to process the 10Gigs of image data I captured out in western New Mexico last week.  Wind, dust, transparency and BAD seeing were working against us but I think there are some images in there somewhere.


NGC3718 galaxy group is my first image I am working on.  It is still a work in progress but I am getting close to "sticking a fork in it and calling it done". (^8

About 70 x 3 minute subs after I purged the bad ones.  ASI-533MCp with UV-IR filter, AT10RC / AP900.  Captured and processed with Astro Art 7.


10 inch Galaxy canon-AC.JPG

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Ooh, that is very good, and you've managed to get the blue in the tidal tails.

I've been bashing my head against the same target but the Bride Vally, while reasonably dark by UK standards, isn't New Mexico dark.

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Yes the almost Bortle 1 sky (SQM 21.99) is why we make the 900 mile trip (each way) out there a couple times a year if we can.   Being that dark certainly helps my images.

I just bought 5 acres only 200 miles from home which is just as dark but not quite as dry so I am looking forward to much more quality dark sky time. 



AT10RC at night-2-mts.JPG

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