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We are receiving threats of legal action from the owner of Dark Frame Optics. Some DFO customers have shared their experiences, positive and negative, here at SGL. DFOs owner says some are personal attacks and has demanded they be removed. 

SGL is not responsible for posts made by DFO customers so threats of legal action are inappropriate. We have however noticed this situation has been ongoing for some time! The SGL mod team are all volunteers. They generously give their time believing SGL is a force for good. We don't have time to debate or argue with suppliers or manage their reputations online so have simply removed 'all' mention of DFO from SGL. 

We believe everyone should be able to share their experiences so we sincerely apologise to those members affected by our decision and remind them everyone at SGL is welcome to submit supplier reviews via our Supplier Reviews board. (Reviews posted outside the Supplier Reviews board will be moved to the correct board if appropriate). 

Thank-you for your understanding. 


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