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First Hα animation with 200 mm aperture (and a flare)


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On Sunday the seeing was finally good enough to utilize my RC8 + LS50THa + Aried tri-band ERF setup. One of the best videos yielded this image of AR 2822:



I continued recording for some time, even though the seeing was variable and a high thin cloud was passing. I saw a few bright points appear, but had no way of knowing it would be a nice C4.0-class flare, until I put together an animation (20-second intervals, 43 minutes total):


Beside the "igniting grass", note how there's a brightening in the billowing "smoke", right before a thin stream gets sucked back in to the smaller sunspot.

I'm really satisfied; even despite the so-so seeing this tiny thing looks very interesting. Can't wait for an M-class like the one I caught with 90 mm – it would fill the whole FOV with twisting and churning plasma!

I also recorded a CaK animation (Lunt CaK module, 90 mm refractor, PowerMate 2.5x), much better seeing than during the previous attempt, with consistently good resulting frames, but nothing happened there at all:


Mandatory full disc from Lunt 50:


and prominences from the 90 mm refractor:



Captured with PGR Chameleon3 mono (ICX445), processed with AviStack 2, Stackistry, ImPPG, GIMP.

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1 hour ago, tooth_dr said:

How did you classify it as a C4.0?

Based on NOAA Solar and Geophysical Event Reports. There's an archive here. My flare is this one:

:Product: 20210509events.txt
:Created: 2021 May 11 0357 UT
:Date: 2021 05 09
# Prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Please send comments and suggestions to SWPC.Webmaster@noaa.gov 
# Missing data: ////
# Updated every 5 minutes.
#                            Edited Events for 2021 May 09
#Event    Begin    Max       End  Obs  Q  Type  Loc/Frq   Particulars       Reg#

930 +     1338   1358      1409  G16  5   XRA  1-8A      C4.0    3.1E-03   2822
930 +     1351   1354      1356  SAG  G   RBR  1415      210               2822
930 +     1352   1359      1407  HOL  3   FLA  N15E51    SF      ERU       2822


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