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Walking on the Moon

For an out-of-this-world experience, just lie down


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Prolonged stays in space have a profound effect on the human body, which is adapted to the Earth's gravitational pull.

In the greatly reduced gravity of space, humans experience bone and muscle loss, decreases in cardiovascular activity and a redistribution of fluids toward the upper body, among other physiological effects.

Now US scientists have confirmed what space researchers have long suspected – people on Earth can experience similar effects simply by lying around for days at a time. For the best simulation of space, they must recline on a bed tilted at a 6° angle with their head at the lower end.


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I'll have to remember to sk my 13YO daughter what its like when she gets the 6 week school break this year. She's getting to the stop in bed all day stage.

Captain Chaos

My 23 YO son is doing space research in his time off, too.

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