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Dew Control... Custom Length Cables... Makes a Huge Difference!


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Just bought 2 Dew Heater Straps from  Tim Duke at https://www.dewcontrol.com 

He is more than happy to build them with ‘bespoke’ cable lengths. These Dew Straps also have excellent reviews...

I have a Redcat 51 and Dew Heater cables have caused a constant annoyance by cluttering up my rig... not anymore... Tim took my order for 2 straps with 20cm cables at 1pm and they were delivered the next day. I run them on a Y-Splitter to one of my ASIAR Pro 12v ports and set at 100% they work perfectly, more to the point the are now super-neat...

Can’t recommend https://www.dewcontrol.com enough, excellent customer service and a great product 👍🏻




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After reading this post I ordered a few bits from them and I am not disappointed.

I ordered two heater straps, a controller and a telrad heater, ordered Thursday and delivered Saturday.

Haven't used them in anger yet, but they look and feel fantastic quality, very happy.

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On 03/10/2021 at 15:25, Mike73 said:

I shortened my own dew straps.

I just wish I could improve on all my ZWO cable management. 🤔



I use plastic wire loom to consolidate the wires on my heaters.  When I get a chance I will post a picture

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On 03/10/2021 at 21:25, Mike73 said:

I just wish I could improve on all my ZWO cable management. 🤔

You know there are separate USB2-contacts for shortening long cables? Just cut to correct lenghth and solder. This is ad from our local electronics supplier in Sweden but they should be available worldwide:


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