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Star Adventurer Mini help

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Hi Peeps,

I am just setting up my Star Adventurer Mini and cannot see how to just get it tracking full time sidereal?

Manual works fine but when I hit 'Run' in Astrophotography section nothing.....

I want to take shots just using my camera not through the app but want it constantly tracking.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Ok, I have now got it to run and complete 5 x 60 second photos. This shows in the 'status' 100% complete but it is not sending the signal to trip the shutter on the camera so no photos are taken!?

What am I doing wrong? It would be nice to do it through the app but also happy if I can just set it up to track non stop and I just use my shutter release cable...

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Well I'm not an expert as I only had mine on Wednesday.  I haven't found the manual terrible helpful.  But I assume from what you say you do not want the SAM (Star Adventurer Mini) to control your camera.  If that is the case your camera must have an interval timer as a feature so you can set that seperately from the SAM yourself.  The SAM will only control the shots if you have one of the cameras listed in the manual and you have obtained a connecting cable. 

I have managed to get mine to work, though it has not been clear enough to take it outside yet.  If you are controlling the camera yourself I suggest:

1: set up the SAM.  I am just aligning it manually with the sight on top while I'm getting to know it.

2: Sit your camera on it and programme the interval timer.

3: Set up the network connection and start the App on your phone.

4: When it is connected to the SAM you must enter our Location (I think (hope) you only have to do this once.

5: Choose your slew speed - Sidereal Solar etc.  Ignore everything else.

6: select "RUN"

7: Start the interval timer on your camera.

8: switch off the SAM when the camera has finished.

Well that what I'm going to try the next clear night we have.





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