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Eyepiece Case Guidence

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Hi All,

I'm looking  for a flight style case with pick foam for my EP's. Can you advise one to go for. This will be for my SWA/UWA ep's, so large, but not massive. Thanks

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Posted (edited)

What's your budget?  I recommend getting a deep Pelican style case so eyepieces can be stored upright.  That way, you can pack more eyepieces into the case.  The cheap, aluminum looking cases out there actually have thin walls made of textured and painted plastic that puncture easily if banged up against a sharp corner.  The blow molded Pelican style cases are practically indestructible by comparison, as well as being waterproof.

Something like this case on Amazon would be ideal for large eyepieces without breaking the bank.  I've found these Chinese made cases are very robust.  Certainly not quite as good as my Doskocil case, but a fraction of the cost.  Just make sure it is sent with the P&P foam inserts.  Apparently, one reviewer got one without any.  I'm guessing a resold customer return.  Apparently, the actual case is orange based on review images, hence the clearance price.


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I bought this recently pretty much as above but a touch cheaper, I'd have another with no hesitation and much prefer it to my other ROC "aluminium" type.



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