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I know it's a bit early, but Im bringing this up now as some filters are in short supply if you need one.  I ordered one myself for my 102mm refractor a few weeks ago and it took over two weeks to arr

I booked the day off work for this, so expect cloud. Sorry.

I have arranged an event for Herefordshire Astronomical Society at a park on the edge of the City. Hope to use the PST plus another scope for white light.

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For what it's worth here's my take on solar filter mounting:

The telescope is a GSO 80mm f/5 about 25+ years old. It has a fairly long dew shield which is just over 105mm internal diameter. A piece of 4" PVC pipe fits in with a little space to spare. I blacked the internal surface and stuck some Baader Solar film on one end with sticky tape. This is then put into the dew shield film first. This way there is no way the wind can blow the filter off.

It is important that the filter holder does not fit too tightly in the dew shield so as to allow the filter to slide in and  to be able to remove the filter without blowing the film off the end of the tube.

Final pic is one I took last December with this setup. ( Focus is not perfect.)









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For anyone about to use Baader solar film for the first time, apart from the usual safety recommendations, be aware that the film has an additional protective film attached to it and not particularly obvious.  It needs to be removed before use otherwise it will spoil the image quality.     🙂

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