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I am a total newbie in star/planet gazing.

I am looking to buy a easy to setup, not very expensive, telescope.

I have read here that Skywatcher 130p Dobsonian is a good telescope.

But Amazon doesn't have this in stock.

Is there any other way of sourcing this telescope.



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Unfortunately it is sold out everywhere and new stock isn’t due until July. There is a telescope shortage at the moment and manufacturers just haven’t been able to keep up with demand what with the production problems caused by the pandemic. 


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Hello Vijaya. Welcome to SGL.

If you are buying ANY new scope, forget Amazon, Tesco, Currys, ebay and the like.
Buy only from a specialist astronomy retailer.

The specialist retailer is in for the long haul. After selling you a beginner scope, he will provide assistance. Then he gets a chance at accessories, then when you want bigger/better scope....
The department store or washing machine shop or 'sell you anything' people just want a sale today - and it may be a completely unsuitable piece of junk.

If you buy used, then look first in the classified ads on this site where you will find honest descriptions and generally well looked after kit. Then try UK astronomy buy and sell.
However, ebay, gumtree, car boot sales, etc. are a huge gamble if you don't know what you are looking for.

Keep looking on SGL for user reports on scopes first light, supplier reviews, etc. There is a wealth of information to be had.
You can even message individuals and ask 'how did you get on with....'

Now we are starting to open up from the virus, it is worth asking at a local astronomy club.
Everyone has some scope kit they no longer use for various reasons.

Enjoy the journey. 


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My recommendation is that you contact the local independent retailers like FLO and ask their advice with the possibility of getting on their waiting list.

If you keep an eye on these forums, you will see used telescopes on sale as well.

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