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Is there a GOTO alt az mount & tripod capable of mounting a Celestron 14" OTA?

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29 minutes ago, StarGazingSiouxsie said:

Thanks Ian.

Niels Haagh from TTS contacted me and said the TTS-160 was not able to handle a C14 - but that a TTS 300 Mammoth mount (for a mammoth price ;) ) could 

Something like this Rainbow Optics RST 300 (I'm assuming that's the same mount as the TTS 300?) would work from a payload and portability point of view


Did you define a budget? If the above is out the question and it would be for most I should imagine, maybe re consider an EQ mount. I'm sure you could get one to cope with a C14 for around the 4K mark so that might be a solution. 

Either that or re consider a second hand Meade LX200 14", but obviously then repairs are more of a worry without any warranty. 

Does it have to be a C14? They do have a lot of mirror flop. 

Just trying to think out the box :)

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I know the mount I linked previously was crazy expensive, but I've used Meade LX200 14" SCT's back in my Uni days, so I've seen them with my own eyes. They're impressively massive! lol The ones we use

I have a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6, which quite happily handles (for visual) my Skywatcher steel-tube 12" newt plus finders and Paracorr2 plus heavy eyepieces. All told that's getting on for 30kg (66lbs). I b

For now, I have my CPC1100 mounted on a Scope Buggy, which I cannot rcommend highly enough. Hand made, great personal service and works fantastically.  So my 14" OTA rig will go on a Scope Buggy,

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20 minutes ago, Deadlake said:

Also Crux harmonic drives might work as well, this one has a 40 kg capacity.


I just had a look at these mounts, they're very impressive... I'm sure the T4000 could also carry the Hubble telescope! :D 

I'm afraid to look at the price...

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11 minutes ago, Space Oddities said:

I just had a look at these mounts, they're very impressive... I'm sure the T4000 could also carry the Hubble telescope! :D 

I'm afraid to look at the price...

If I was going for a C14 then the price for a goto mount is around there due to its weight. My current mount an SXP2 can carry a C11 or GSO 10" RC (17 kg) within the limit of 22 kg for visual. It's Japanese who are conservative with the load. 
Being an SCT wouldn't you have more tolerance as what the mount carries is really a measure of torque it can produce and thats proportional to the length of the scope.

A goto premium DOB (Lockwood, SV) would cost around the same as a C14 with a goto mount however the eye price would be at the right end of the scope.

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