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Aristarchus, Kepler, Gassendi and Others

Roy Foreman

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April 24th was the last lunar imaging session of the current apparition for me, as now the moon is getting too low, too close to full, and the fine clear evenings have come to a close.

15 clear nights in succession - got to be a record for the UK !

Tried a different capture technique this time. Rather than extend the focal length by 3x and use the full sensor area, I worked at prime focus and a much reduced imaging area.  This reduced the exposure time from 14ms to 6ms, and increased the frame rate from 19fps to 63fps.

I'm not convinced that this has resulted in better images, but here they are for those that wish to see them !

16" F/4.5 Reflector,  ZWO 183MM,  Baader Red Filter

21_26_14 drz.jpg

21_28_02 drz.jpg

21_29_03 drz.jpg

21_30_52 drz.jpg

21_32_35a drz.jpg

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Lovely shots Roy. I do love the striations within Aristarchus. Schiller looks fab in the last two, and I think that’s Bailly right on the limb in the last one. Really nice.

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Thank you for that Stu - glad you like the images. Yes there are some lovely details and textures in thise first two shots. Aristarchus shone out like a beacon in its darker surroundings.  My knowledge of Luna topography is not brilliant but yes I do believe that is Baily lurking on the shadows !

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On 27/04/2021 at 19:42, Roy Foreman said:

My knowledge of Luna topography is not brilliant

Mine neither! I totally rely on apps or maps for identifying anything beyond the basics.

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