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COMPLETED - SOLD - TS Optics Photoline 115mm Apo Triplet Ohara FPL51

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This is my beautiful 115m F7 Triplet (800mm FL), bought new from Telescope Express just a year ago. Really excellent triplet FPL51 and Lanthanum which gives super crisp contrasty views. I can easily get well over three degree fields out of it.

It's only been used for visual so the beefy 2.5" rotatable rack and pinion focuser has hardly noticed it's been used. It has a dual speed focus control that has a very nice weight to the knobs, so I've never even considered moving to a Feathertouch even though I'm a big fan of them on less well spec'd scopes.

The optics are clear and almost completely dust free, as new really, with no mold and lovely even high quality green FMC coatings.

I've been using this at low power after just a few minutes cooling, giving lovely crisp starfields. With a little more cooling time it will deliver sharp high mag views.

The sliding dew shield compacts the scope to only 61.5cm and the weight is low at just 6.2kg including rings and dovetail. It's quite a sweet spot in terms of size Vs aperture as the 5" apos tend to be noticeably longer and heavier for 10-12 mm aperture.

It's a lovely scope but after much deliberation it has to go to fund my filthy Takahashi habit which I'm willing to sell the kids to fund.

This lovely Apo retails at 1500 Euros plus 20pc Vat and 4pc customs charge plus courier handling fee. This also appears to be availableas an Altair for £1700.

There are minor scratches to the dew shield and the dovetail but nothing noticeable and optically it's as new.

OTA, CNC machined tube rings and dovetail and original box for £895, priced to sell fast. This scope is already in the UK so no VAT or customs fee will be chargeable  (unfortunately my understanding is that VAT and customs fee are now payable even on used gear over £150 from outside the UK 😠).

Can be collected from London SW19 anytime or can look into couriering.








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I just went right up to check out on this scope on TS Optics site. It's 1149 euros total to the UK. That's 988 pounds, TS take EU vat off for purchases from outside the EU. You then pay 24% UK vat and UK customs. For a total of £1225.00. So  £895 is still a great price but it's not 1500 euro  +24% new, that's £1600. 

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Yep I just checked and it's on sale for the price you quoted above, the regular price is circa 1500 Euro plus taxes.  I've noticed TS sales prices tend to dissappear as the stock level drops.

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