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Luna crescent - April 15th

Roy Foreman

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A couple of grab shots from the evening of the 15th. By the time the clouds departed the moon was quite low in the sky and the seeing was rubbish, so a bit of a rush to get set up and imaging in time. Not sure the optics were properly cooled to ambient.

First image was with a Skywatcher Equinox 120 ED showing the whole crescent,  the second with a 16"  Reflector and is a selective enlargement showing Mare Crisium.

Both using AZO 183 MM - 15% of 900 frames at 19 fps.

Imaging the thin waxing moon is always a challenge - wait till dark and it's too low in the sky, image in twilight and contrast suffers. 

Tried capturing the earthshine but failed miserably.

Maybe better luck next month !

Moon 2021--04-15.jpg


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10 hours ago, CraigT82 said:

Very nice set of images there 

Thank you. I don't consider myself to be an expert at Luna imaging, so it is encouraging to get positive feedback !

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6 hours ago, BRADLEY 1953 said:

Beautiful crisp image of a phase I can rarely observe from my location.

Thank you. I have to admit that these had to be shot well before dark and just before the moon sank behind a hedge !

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