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Hi from rural France


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Yet another newbie.

I live partly in the UK and partly in deepest France. if you're interested I have a MN61 on an EQ6 mounted on a permanent pier - a lot of which was damaged in a fire. just in the process of renovating and reinstalling all my gear.

Look forward to meeting y'all

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Fire didn't improve my barn much, but no damage to my mount or telescope, power supplies gone and the underground cabling melted but nothing too serious.

Little light polution here at 47°26N 6°12E for the time being, although my neighbour is lobbying to have a new street light installed directly south of my telescope :crybaby:



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Hello Stolzy, welcome to the forum. Ah! I see from your Lat. & Long. that you're the opposite side of "l'Hexagone" from our place in the SW! - northeast of Besançon if I've got my sums right. Hope you can sort out both the fire damage and the LP problem pretty soon! You must be very unlucky to have a street light issue like this: perhaps you've already tried asking the neighbour over for a few aperitifs and a look through the 'scope? That sort of approach seems to often work in France.

How much of your time are you able to spend in France? For us it's precious few days in the year... :(

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