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COMPLETED - *SOLD* TS-Optics 8x50 RACI finder with bracket - £60

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This is the TSSU850WW from TS-Optics, bought for a project which never materialised, and so is now surplus to my requirements.


In great condition.  Nice clear image and with crosshairs.

Price: £60 inc. UK mainland postage.

Payment: bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays fees)

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Just checking, does it come with the mount? Only asking 'cos it's not in the picture. Thanks...

Nevermind, I actually read the title of the Ad this time! :)


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47 minutes ago, Jasonb said:

Just checking, does it come with the mount? Only asking 'cos it's not in the picture. Thanks...

Nevermind, I actually read the title of the Ad this time! :)


Yes - it comes with the bracket, but not with the finder shoe / base.

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  • jadcx changed the title to *SOLD* TS-Optics 8x50 RACI finder with bracket - £60
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      I bought a TAL 2M last week, its been in storage since 1997 and was absolutely as new with eyepieces still wrapped in tissue and packed in original wood cases, (I bought one back in 96 and let it go), BIG MISTAKE!), It is a one off find , but on assembly I have noticed quite a few black specks in the finder, despite fact that the finder was totally unused still wrapped in tissue, any advice appeciated on how I can remove/clean these, other than that this TAL is in absolutely original condition and is as far as I am concerned a once in a lifetime find
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      I’ve just acquired the above (birthday prezzie!).
      It’s a nice finder, and a definite boost from the 7x30 bundled with the scope!
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      1. ...is this odd assortment of parts and pieces typically how one goes about achieving the required 55mm dimension  from the Coma Corrector to the camera sensor? Just seems that there must be a simpler, and sturdier way to do this without having to use 4-5 separate parts.
      2. Once all the adaptors add up to the correct dimension and are attached to the Coma Corrector, where does one locate the whole assembly(with coma corrector) in the focuser draw tube?   Is it a matter of trial and error?
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