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Total eclipse from southern Turkey


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Nuby Question here, but in pics 2 & 3, is that solar flares [top right] I can see?

It's a prominence - the magnetically guided cloud of burning hydrogen that are the favourites of people with small H-alpha solar telescopes such as the Coronado PST. Normally you need something like a PST to see them (it tunes into the light of H-alpha) as the Sun's visible light it so strong that it swamps H-alpha. However, during a total eclipse the Sun's disk is covered up and the prominences can be seen without specialist equipment. They look quite pink to the naked eye.

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Truely amazing pics. From what I saw of the eclipse on the sky at night progamme. the whole event was an absolute corker.

Being stuck in the UK your images are nearly as good as being there.



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