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Baader Morpheus range - General chat

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5 hours ago, vagk said:

Has anyone compared any of these below :

Morpheus 9mm vs 10mm XW vs 10mm Delos

How close they are ?








I've compared my 9mm Morph to my 10mm Delos, and at f/6, they are almost indistinguishable except for field of view.  The Delos might be a hair sharper or contrastier, but it is a subtle difference if it exists.  I'm happy with both.

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I've used all those eyepieces over time, but didn't compare them at one sitting.

I would note that I use the 17.5mm, 14mm, 12.5mm, and 9mm Morpheus today, however, and that is by choice.

Below 9mm, though, I prefer TeleVue Ethos and/or APM XWAs.

If it weren't for astigmatism and needing glasses, I would only use 100° eyepieces.

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Funny enough I did compare some of the Morphi and XW's having owned both.

I wear glasses to observe at certain FL due to astigmatism.
For me I found the XW's worked better with my face shape and glasses type, but we all vary.

This is a bit like asking which is better, they are both excellent, but one will be more excellent for you alone,
without trying you will not know.      A case of the Your Mileage Will Vary comment on CN.

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