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I was wondering what people’s views on several 8" optical tube assemblies - being the posh phrase 😀

this is on the basis that 8" is mid range - refractors are excluded based on price unless I can find one for the same price as the RASA

Ignore mounts and cameras, mounts are fixed, cameras include Asi1600mm, ASI294MC,ASI294MM - all cooled 

what do people thing these are good for

these are all nominally 8”/200mm 

200P-DS newtonian

8” SCT


8’ RC


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8" SCT  is a planet killer  ( @F10. F20, F30 etc with barlows)

8" SCT is a good all round visual and AP scope  ( lightweight,small, fairly easy to collimate)  (@F6 -F7 with reducer)

8"SCT  becomes fast, widefield scope for DSO's  (@F4  with Night Owl   @F2 with Hyperstar)

Might not be the very best in each class, but the versatility is very attractive.


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