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M81 and M82, 5 years in a row

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I'm calling collecting data enough for this season.

5 years ago I put the DSLR for the first time at the back of a telescope and I took my first shots. Some of them were aimed at M81 and M82.

For the next 5 years I collected more data with various scopes, cameras, carried by many mounts.

The newest one is still fresh, I finished collecting RGB and Ha data for it this morning so more processing versions will come. I used for it also some Lum data I shot in 2019 with the large 200mm newton from home (for highlights only), Lum data I collected last year during the emergency state with a poorly corrected 102ED and some Ha with the 150mm newton. To these I added this year Lum shot through the same 102ED, a better 102ED and the 150mm newton improved with an aperture mask holding the primary mirror, totaling almost 17h of good (dark/dark-ish skies) Lum. And 1.5h each RGB and 4.5h new Ha last night. If you lost track of the data acquisition description, don't worry, me too. Quite a challenge to add the data together in the best way.

Starting with the newest, click for larger resolution:

2021, first version





2016 - May

and 2016 - Feb, the first one

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I really like this as a project.

Interesting that you can actually tell how much closer we are getting to them each year too...🤣

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Thank you!

On 12/04/2021 at 12:53, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Awesome stuff. I started on this pair only last year, and this really inspires me to add a lot more data this year

Looking forward to seeing your results :)

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