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"Accidentally" hit Buy on a budget Classic Refractor

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The Prinz 300 60mm is now giving me coffee-break sunspot views every day the yellow thing puts in an appearance.  Today’s activity is super - sharper in the eyepiece than this afocal iPhone snap but great to have this old scope ready to observe at a moment’s notice. 


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The Prinz 330 is now permanently set up & back on solar duty having had a nocturnal break to test on doubles and lunar. Its a lovely little scope for these tasks and on an AZGTi and BB 312 able to deliver magnification well over its theoretical usable limit - had it up to 161x with a Barlowed 10mm BCO for doubles and it did a great job. VIews of Polaris, Rigel, Sigma Orionis, Almach giving tight ball-like stars with rich colour contrast on a black background. Since acquiring a Towa 339 80mm f15 however which is an absolute doubles machine, the Prinz had been temporarily unemployed, languishing in its box. 

Happy to have it re-united with its original mount and ready for an easy one-hand carry for WL quick peeks, am even using the original .965 prism which today. Was giving super crisp views of a very active sun and a nice full disc taking up about 3/4 of the field with a TV 15mm Plossl.  

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On 08/04/2021 at 16:38, saac said:

This could be the makings of a "J.R. Hartley" moment :) 


for those to young to remember !



Wow!  Thanks for that blast from the past. I remember it well. How advertisements have changed! 

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