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Help ID model of Meade reflector

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Hello, I was curious if anyone might know the model of this telescope. All I see is "Meade" on the scope.

From what I found it might be a Starfinder 12"

The scope came with a 1.25 ma9mm Orion eyepiece. I thought this might be enough to make out planets but when I focused on Mars (at least what I believe was Mars using SkyMap app) it appeared more like a tiny star. I'm likely doing something wrong.

I went to a site that might have provided the specs (shown in screenshot).







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I tried out 2x and 3x barlows (inexpensive off-brand models) with a 6mm orion eyepiece I picked up on Amazon and eBay. I had a good view of the moon and may have spotted the orion nebula for a moment. I also have a 5x barlow but it seemed too faint and blurry to be of use. 

I also received a Celestron 3x barlow on Amazon but I did not want to open it unless I was sure to keep it.

I wanted to get some feedback on what others think about $11 barlows vs $90 name-brand barlows.

From your experience is it really worth the extra cost?




Vs Celestron x-Cell LX





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A 6mm eyepiece in that scope gives 254x magnification, assuming the figures you found are correct. Adding a 2x Barlow doubles it and the 3x (no surprise) triples it. You'd need exceptional conditions for that to be useful, it's likely to be way too much. Even with no Barlow it's pretty high. Mars is tiny (and currently distant) and our atmosphere just prevents high enough magnification to see any detail for some time to come. I looked at it the other night, at 200x and I could easily see it's a small disk but no detail at all.

As for Barlows, like anything else you get what you pay for, to a large extent. You won't get the quality of a $90 one for $11. You may find the identical one a bit cheaper under another brand but not with that sort of price difference.

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As above. Your 6mm eyepiece will be about as much magnification as will be useful most of time so you don't really need a barlow lens.

Some lower power eyepieces will be very useful though. Something around 12mm - 15mm focal length and 25mm - 30mm as well.


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