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Boosting power in a USB cable?

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Not sure where to post this or even if it's possible but does anyone know if there is some gadget you can buy that you can add to the end of a long USB cable to inject more power? 

Basically I've got a very long (20m) USB2 cable which has a mini (non-powered) hub on the end. This generally nicely runs mount, guide scope, focuser and camera.  However I'm trying imaging with a widefield lens and focus is with an astromechanics adapter. That adapter needs power pulled from the USB cable and at that length there is no power left. 

I have plenty of power from 12v cables from power supply (Nevada PSW-30) powering everything ... but is there any kind of adapter you can insert into the usb chain to add back the 5v USB power? I'm coming up blank searching but surely it must be possible. I had hoped the ZWO camera USB hub would power it but that doesn't work. 

Any thoughts appreciated.   

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2 hours ago, bottletopburly said:

Then you need a 12v powered hub at mount i bought an Orico one 

Any chance you can an you provide a link?   I've even run a powered 20m USB 3 cable to it, it worked perfectly during daytime but refuses to work at all at night. 

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