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Three new bright supernovae to look out for (IC3322A/SN2021hiz & NGC3310/SN2021gmj & NGC5018/SN2021fxy)


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I was out hunting the latest supernovae on 1st April and observed the following SN's

- SN2021hiz in IC3322A  (discovered 30th March and now at mag 14.9)


Checking the latest images this morning, I see that the dot out on the tip (in my sketch) was the new SN.



- SN2021gmj in NGC3310 (discovered 20th March and now at mag 15.6)


This is a nice SN sitting on the end of a faint spiral arm.



Both have not reached their peak brightness yet so should still get brighter.


There is another bright SN but its too low for me to get at from my obsy shed :(

It is SN2021fxy found in NGC5018, current brightness is mag 14.2




Have a look with these lovely clear skies that we have at the moment...



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  • alanjgreen changed the title to Three new bright supernovae to look out for (IC3322A/SN2021hiz & NGC3310/SN2021gmj & NGC5018/SN2021fxy)

Very nice and interesting report Alan. Out of interest, did you catch these visually or with NV gear? Checking visibility calculators says that the mag 15.6 one should just be within visual range at x100 so would be a nice catch.

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9 minutes ago, John said:

Could the non-EEVA observations of this SN be stuck in a thread of their own ?



I’ll see what I can do John. Just trying to make sure it’s clear what is achievable via normal observations and what requires a 20” dob with NV....

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