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M 82 first light with eq6 and emod


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Ahhh slowly I am getting there. Focusing is easier with the Mask and I managed to grab

this pic it is only 4x60seconds for each LRGB as the cloud rolled in again but it is

a start and nice to be imaging again.

Got some dust somewhere in the system so I will have to give everything a clean.


Neil C


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That's coming on a treat, nice round stars, good colour, great detail in the dusty parts. The red Ha burst is hard to get much on with short exposures, but it may be worth just selecting that area and highlighting the red that it has captured, usually most of it is hidden in the data, but will be there.

Did eqmod not find m51 for you? It's probably worth getting a better polar alignment, and doing at least a 3 star align with it, if not 5. Usually for me, eqmod will drop any target centre screen. The only time it failed me was when I had accidentally pressed an odd key combination in the star atlas application and had set the date to 2051 :(

Hope to see lots more Neil!


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The polar alignment is not perfect because I am putting the scope on the drive at the mo.

In the next few months I will put everything permanently in the shed with roll off roof.

For now though it is quick alignments.

Just imaging with ACP - Maxim - EQMOD and now everything is centering perfectly (ACP

does the whole pinpoint thing.)

M 81, owl, and M51 tonight.

Neil C

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It will be nice to get the Obs finished Neil... Once I have finished the aperture surgery I Need to beef up the security on mine and sort out the last few little leaks then I'll go for the permenant install and be able to maek use of even the shortest clear spells ...

I have some big carboard sheets to play about with soem ideas for the re-modelling this weekend...

Going "dorma" style I think...Weathers bound to get better once i star ripping it about...

its not...

Starry, starry night.

Paint your palette blue and grey,


Cloudy,Cloudy Night.

Paint your palette orange and grey....

Another carp spell of weather.... promising days but pitful nights...

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Ahhh leaks i know about those...thats my main problem at the moment. So I am

going to do the roof properly now rather than the bodge job i have now.

This year will definitely have everything installed and tweeked by september!


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