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APM LSOZ 105/650 kit with FT3.5" focuser with 2" end cap for a diagonal

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Hi SGL, 

Up for grabs - here first as always- is an APM LZOS 105/650 with FT3.5" focuser with 2" end cap for a diagonal. CNC scope rings included too. 

It's in mint condition and it's been outside to take one picture, ever. Test certificate originals from 2015 included of course.

It's a really solid build. The focuser must be the best out there.

No case.

I'm asking for £2400 plus shipping












Image (4).jpg

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1 hour ago, Captain Magenta said:

Wow you had 2 of these with consecutive serial numbers ... were they a dual imaging set-up?

Three in fact!  I always was in envy of Jesper’s awesome triple rig. 

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100% can vouch for Jesper - you can buy with confidence.  I've bought stuff of @Jessun several times over the past 3 years, and more recently a couple of expensive things.  Everything has been perfectly as described.

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Posted (edited)

If it fits your specs for FOV and speed, there is none better. Don't sell.

I'm not imaging anymore, hence the bear market. 

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