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NGC 2392: What shall we call it now ?


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I notice that, back in August last year, NASA decided that NGC 2392 would no longer be referred to as the Eskimo or Clown-Face Nebula because these names were possibly considered derisive or offensive.

This planetary nebula does have a third name, "The Lion Nebula" so I guess that is a possibility but there is another nebula that also goes by that name I think. Any other suggestions or should we just use the New General Catalogue designation of 2392 which I believe is what NASA are now doing ?

Of course it is also a Caldwell object - number 39 so maybe C39 would work ?


Caldwell 39 | NASA




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I remember this topic caused a bit of a lively debate last year!

I spoke to my friend/neighbour about it - as she's Canadian Inuit. She understands that most outside Canada don't realise that it can be offensive and it's used in innocence, thinking it's an appropriate term. But if she hears it used, she'll ask for the term "Inuit" instead.

So I won't use it now. NASA aren't either, but they don't control what others use. It's up to individuals to use whatever term they want to, but like I said, I won't now that I know.

Now - not all native Arctic people are Inuit, and some don't find the term offensive, apparently. It's all to do with context, I guess.


Any comments from the Canadian members? Any Inuit members?


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