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EP41 - Sunday, 21st March 2021 8pm GMT - Advanced astrophotographical signal processing with StarTools by Ivo Jager


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IMPORTANT - Please note the later 8pm starting time!

This Sunday we are joined by SGL member @jager945 Ivo Jager the developer of Star Tools who is going to give us his talk 'Advanced astrophotographical signal processing with StarTools'. This is starting at the later time of 8pm GMT as Ivo is in Australia so it is super early in the morning for him.

Writing software since age eight, Ivo won his first accolade from the Dutch Institute for Industry and Technology at age ten, for a physics related program for MSX home computers. He holds an MSc degree from the University of Amsterdam and is named as inventor on 11 US and EU mobile computing related patents, ranging from areas such as Artificial Intelligence to User Interfaces and Networking. Ivo has a penchant for signal processing and multi-platform software architectures, and above all, audio/visual and engines. He is the author of the acclaimed StarTools astrophotography image processing suite and has been a speaker at astrophotgraphy related events such as the Australian Astro Imaging Conference.

Star Tools

StarTools implements a groundbreaking new GPU-accelerated signal processing engine for astrophotographical imagery. StarTools' inception was a direct reaction to the disappointing level of signal processing sophistication the author observed in other astrophotographical signal processing software. The ground-up designed, novel signal processing engine tracks your signal's noise component as you process, while effortlessly allowing algorithms to time-shift their signal modifications and consultations. The result is cleaner final images, enhanced detail and inherently streamlined workflow. Today, StarTools is used by thousands of users, schools, observatories and universities around the world.

Ivo is going to give us a brief explanation of how StarTools came about, and how it was designed to fundamentally differ from all other software that came prior. This brief explanation will contrast StarTools inner workings and capabilities with traditional software and workflows. This short exercises is meant to provide context for the subsequent live processing demonstration, which may - to users of older software - appear to defy signal processing convention and best practices.

Ivo is then going to use an Ikarus Observatory data set to demonstrate a live process as well as potentially an other nosier dataset as well.

We really look forwards to learning more about Star Tools and what it can do 🙂

Meeting details below:

Topic: EP41 - Sunday, 21st March 2021 8pm BST - Advanced astrophotographical signal processing with StarTools by Ivo Jager
Time: Mar 21, 2021 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 949 5127 9173
Passcode: 991371

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  • Grant changed the title to EP41 - Sunday, 21st March 2021 8pm GMT - Advanced astrophotographical signal processing with StarTools by Ivo Jager
31 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

@scotty38 I've joined everyone of them they have all offered something new to me to learn about and enjoy. Come and see next week, and have a look at the StarGaZine section.

Yep I realise they will offer loads of information I was just checking on the "eligibility" to actually join. Seems like you confirmed that anyway so thanks....

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