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Getting "Hubble Palette" style images from your OSC dual/tri narrowband data - PixInsight Tutorial

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Hi guys, I made a quick video tutorial to try and show an easy to follow method to take your OSC narrowband data taken with filters such as the l-extreme and other similar ones and turn it into a hubble-esque palette.

I know that there's lots of ways people like to perform this sort of task, but this is how I've self-taught and I thought if I can do it then anyone can!


This tutorial uses PixInsight, the EZ-processing suite, available free here https://darkarchon.internet-box.ch:8443/ and also finally requires that you have Starnet installed and working in PixInsight, though I believe this is standard for new versions.


I hope this is useful for some of you!



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Nice one good work. I don’t have PIxinsight and didn’t bother pursuing after the trial as I didn’t really get my head round it but this is making me reconsider....

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@scotty38 - I had a rocky and frustrating start with PixInsight for the first three weeks or so of the trial, and I seriously thought I'd not be purchasing it, especially given the lofty price tag! - Things started to click into place though soon afterwards, and now I do genuinely enjoy processing in it :)


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