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Ha... Statue of Liberty


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Hi all,

My current image, still WIP, but I'm sharing this Hydrogen Alpha image as I thought it looked ok...

This is NGC3603 and NGC3576 (AKA The "Statue of Liberty" nebula), a massive H-Alpha region containing a very compact open cluster, located in the constellation "Carina" about 20,000LY away.


I took this photo on the night of 19th February 2021 using my cooled and full spectrum modded Canon 40D DSLR attached to a 80mm f6.25 refractor on a CGEM equatorial mount.


Exposure time was 3 Hours and 50 minutes (6x600sec, 6x900sec and 4x1200 sec subs), using a 7nm Hydrogen Alpha filter.


I'm still working on the narrowband color image, but this image is quite possibly my last image that I'll produce using just the DSLR before my ZWO2600MM arrives.





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10 hours ago, carastro said:

Great result.  I love this nebula, such a shame we can't see it from the UK.


Thank you.... You guys have plenty of objects we wish we had down here too...

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11 hours ago, MartinB said:

Ooh, very nice and a nebula which is completely unknown to me.  I need a holday in Australia!  Great work with the DSLR.  You are going to love that new camera!

Thanks... if you do holiday down here... go to the outback on a moon less night and have a look at the sky... you'll {word removed} yourself with joy at what you'll see.... literally the star light casts shadows!!

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