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therapy required due to new EQ6 that i am unable to use


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This is purely to let of steam..

I have had my lovely new EQ6 set up in the garage, connected to eqmod, fully

loaded and ready to move 2 meters forward (after opening the garage door although

I could install a scope sized cat flap) as soon as the sky clears.

FOR 3 DARN (note the perfectly clean swear word) WEEKS!

I have now made one of them new focusing masks(that looks like a car grill) by gluing together 3 sheets of card and cutting out with a craft knife out of shear boredom.

I am thinking of painting the night sky on the inside of the garage just for something to look at.

Thus I sit here in bed listening to the rain hammering down trying to contemplate what other uses a new EQ6 mount can be used for. :(

Sigh...M51 is just towards the middle right of the garage door at the moment....


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It's tough mate, but nothing to do but hope things improve soon. It will, but goodness knows when. I have an EQ6 Pro too, it hasn't been in action yet either, but Like you, I have Eqmod, and a wireless rumble pad, and enjoy putting it through its paces via Starry Night on the lappy.

The weather gods are bound to feel sorry for us at some time or other. :mrgreen:


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Ouch, isn't it well known that buying a new scope curses the weather? What that means is that you should be apologising to everybody else for messing up their hobby! :(

You could get a projector and send the ouput of Cartes du Ciel at the garage door and look at that?

Seriously, it must be incredibly frustrating and hopefully you will get a clear night soon.

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I've had my Lightbridge 12" for 3 weeks or so now - it's been out twice - for a total of 2 hours observing time :(:)

I think I'm going to buy myself a copy of the Observers Book of Clouds !


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mmmmmmmm Dido..........

Dont worry chaps, there's a whole load of really clear patches over the country over the weekend.

Now if only there wasn't 2" of hard packed ice on the ground............

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I am overwhelmed by the response thanks people!

It is nice to know there are a whole load of people with the same problem.

Got to go to the inlaws tonight so there will be no chance today.

Still the setup looks great in the garage (my missus thinks its sad....some people have no taste).

Neil C

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Hah! I have got a 60 second shot of M81 and compared to the LXD75 it is fantastic!

Got a 40 min sequence running and I will then have a go at M82 blindingly brilliant!

I just want the clouds to stay away for 40 mins and I will be a happy man (well that and I

hope no-one steals the scope while I am inside as I have stuck it out the front of the house)

A few teething problems in that the planetarium software and EQmod seem to not be agreeing

about the general scale of the universe (keeps pointing the blumming telescope in the wrong place)

Still happy days and clear nights.

Neil C

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