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AR2806, AR2807, Prominences | HA, CaK | March 5th 2021

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Had another clear morning with fair seeing. Seeing was around 1.2 arc-seconds to 1.5 arc-seconds for most of this, it barely supported the 120mm aperture, but I wanted to get moderate-high resolution captures of the two AR's while they were still around and active before going back to work. There's a rather large prominence off the limb near AR2806 and the opposite limb has a great eruptive surge prominence region that was pretty active all morning that is rounding the Eastern limb. Might be interesting soon.

PST etalon + double stacked 1.7A 8mm blocking filter tilted in a Skybender (thanks Apollo!) and 6A 5mm blocking filter.






















Time Lapse Animations:

There's a surge prom on the limb erupting. This is 4.5 minutes of real time it changed so fast.
This animation is now on the front page of SpaceWeather for 3/5, woo!






120mm F10 masked achromatic doublet refractor
+ Baader Red CCD IR Block Filter (50mm, internal sub-aperture D-ERF)
+ Single PST Etalon
+ 1.7A HA 8mm blocking filter tilted in a Skybender (thanks Apollo!) double stacked with 6A HA 5mm blocking filter
+ IMX290 mono camera

60mm F16.7 masked achromatic doublet refractor
+ Lunt CaK B1200 module
+ IMX253 mono camera


Very best,

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