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Mars 01.03.21


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I'm still plugging away at Mars 🙂. This will probably be the last one (but I keep saying this!).

I used my Meade 2080, Zwo asi224mc, Baader UV-IR cut filter and a 2x Barlow.

5000 frames, best 15% used.

The main features are (from left) the dark Mare Cimmerium, the brighter cut of Hesperia Planum and Syrtis Minor.

Clear skies





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Okay, I do not feel so bad.  Using an Orion GoTo 150mm reflector with a 3mp camera, I was able to get these, the first is without stacking, and the latter with stacking.1968823746_Marsgoodstill.thumb.jpg.6e82f93cbd8af643ddd19f78ddd9bf51.jpg1968823746_Marsgoodstill.thumb.jpg.6e82f93cbd8af643ddd19f78ddd9bf51.jpg1968823746_Marsgoodstill.thumb.jpg.6e82f93cbd8af643ddd19f78ddd9bf51.jpg1968823746_Marsgoodstill.thumb.jpg.6e82f93cbd8af643ddd19f78ddd9bf51.jpgMars detail.bmp I was able to get these.  The first is without stacking and others may be over-processed.  I am on the desert floor in the fishbowl known as Phoenix, AZ.

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