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Old Data - Another Image of the Rosette


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Did I mention that I have been under lots of cloud for the past week or more? Did I mention that it looks like cloudy weather will continue for another week - or more? What to do! Pulled out some data from last year and started working on it again - with some new processing ideas. Just a test - that I think worked out OK. (I do hope you can view this on a larger screen). This was 16 hours total Ha, SII & OIII data with FSQ 130ED and FLI ML16200 camera.....January 2020.

(For Info: This is not exactly an SHO image; I generally mix them in some proportion other than 1:1:1 to RGB. I also used Topaz DeNoise - but only in the Ha channel and at that, only on a clone of the Ha which was mixed back in with the original Ha. i.e. the process is very light handed overall. The rest of the processing was pretty much as normal in PixInsight. The data was good - so easy to process).


Rosette Nebula CropCrop (2100 x 1575).jpg

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8 hours ago, Luke Newbould said:

I really like the natural feel to the image that comes from nothing being pushed too hard

Thanks for that - in general, that is how I like to see astro-images myself. (I am not keen on "loud" colours).

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