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How do you keep your telescope/equipment after a night's use

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Hi all,

As per the title - just curious as to how everyone keeps there telescope/equipment after a cold night's use.

I currently bring the scope indoors and place it tube-down without caps on. I leave the finder and guide scope on the main telescope (also with caps off) and leave the guide and imaging camera in situ also.

Mount, asiair and the 45 miles of cabling come inside also. everything is left to sit overnight until dry then all scope caps go back on, camera caps go back on and it all goes away until the next clear skies!





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I let it defog if it was cold out then leave it in my basement or what my wife calls "the dungeon",  where I can hide toys since she rarely wanders down there. It is an expansive and unfinished for habitation concrete walled bunker below grade. She saw a mouse down there once, screamed like a banshee and never went down again, great spot to hide my toys.

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I miss the basements I had in Montreal and Toronto. Very rare to find them in an English house. Old houss  often  have dark and damp cellers though. 🙀

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Currently using a very small, light scope (seriously over-mounted) on an EQ6R Pro, so am just about able to move the whole lot in one go.

Routine is: caps on, unplug power and data cables from mount and camera, move whole setup straight from the garden into the dining room (which is quite poorly insulated, so tends to be a fair bit colder than the rest of the house), then do a second trip for the cables and laptop.

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1 hour ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

Currently using a very small, light scope (seriously over-mounted) on an EQ6R Pro, so am just about able to move the whole lot in one go

Wow, that’s a serious workout 🏋️‍ respect ✊ 

I have the same mount but I wouldn’t attempt to lift it, even stripping it down at 1am is too much so I leave it out on a semi permanent basis under a tg cover....also saves on polar alignment 

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Turn Telrad off.

Move telescope and Denver chair into side building.

Fit covers to Zoom, wide-angle EPs and barlow. Put into case.

Fit covers to finder and focuser but not OTA. 

Tilt OTA down and loosely cover with sheet. 

Take sketch pad, pencil and printed maps inside house.

In the morning, turn OTA to vertical and fit end cover.

Come up with excuse(s) as to why I brought up mud and leaves inside.

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I normally leave the main scope and guidescope (if imaging) in an un-heated room with caps off until next morning. Then cap on and back inside the bags. As for eyepieces I usually put the caps back on as soon as I finish using one, so they all go back into the storage room as soon as the whole session ends. For the cheaper finderscope I normally don't worry about the dew and it goes back to the storage along with the eyepieces.

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If the dewpoint is quite low outside compared to inside my house (often the case during winter here), I'll cap my eyepieces and close my airtight cases before bringing them in to prevent them from instantly dewing over.  If it's damp outside, I'll bring them in uncapped and open cased to let them dry out before storage.

The scope(s) are brought in uncapped in either case because they're not airtight.  I don't want moisture inside the house accumulating on them while capped and not temperature equalized.

Finders come off before bringing in the scope(s) to avoid catching them on the door frame.

I generally carry the scope(s) and associated mount in one go since they're under 50 pounds.

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