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Hi All,

Here’s a question that I suspect won’t have a straightforward single answer so thought I’d pose it in the lounge...

If you could only have ONE filter for an image train using a non modified DSLR, which would it be ?

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Probably a light Pollution filter unless you're lucky enough not to need one. Not used my self modded DSLR for years but I have one of the clip in IDAS in it. I also use them in my CCD trains.. P2's but now switched to the D2's on a couple. The next one I might consider would be the IDAS-NBZ or (Optolong version) which I've just managed first light on the ASI2600MC with & its quite impressive. However, I've not seen any results from it on a non modified DSLR so sensitivity will no doubt be an issue. Of course it also depends what targets you have in mind.. as we're heading into Galaxy season its more broadband targets so LP filter might be top of the list.. if like me your skies are getting worse each season. :( 

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