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SGL 2021 Challenge 2 - The cosmos in motion

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The Earth spins on it's axis whilst it orbits the Sun and is in turn orbited by the moon.  Planets wander, comets appear and disappear, one body occludes another.  This challenge is to visually show this motion.  It could be, for instance, with star trails, time lapse animation, a sequence of images taken over several nights .

As always, data must be gathered between 1st March and 31st May.  Good luck!

Please post entries directly into this thread

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Well, someone has to kick this off!

Taken on the night 14th-15th March this is the foreground stack of an image of the aurora and Milkyway over Bjørnafjorden, Western Norway. The stack consists of 3x180 sec of exposure with a Samyang 14mm wide open at f2.8 on a Nikon D600. Didn't really intend to use this as a star trail image but it does have some charm!





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I crunched my way up to Stanage Edge on the 6th to have a go at some Startrails and Millstones. Crunched because the ground was covered in hail stones from the afternoon and the temperature was perishing so it was a good job I had a mince pie and a cream egg to keep me going 😏

Nikon Z6, Nikkor 20mm, tripod, Neewer remote timer, Yongnuo RF603N II ( Fantastic for light painting away from the camera ) and a very expensive light ... a stunning £ 1.99 torch from B & M !

35 x 2 minutes for the stars at f4 and ISO 640 and 9 individual light painted images for the foreground at 15 seconds, f4 and ISO 800.

All processing in Lightroom for a tweak or two and assembled in PS using layers in blend mode lighten and more tweaking. It takes a while to load 44 images as layers in PS !

Around 2 hours to image and even more to process.



Stanage Edge Cirlces and Millstones..jpg

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Well last night was a lovely clear sky so decided to head up to that not so famous tree to take a photo of the night sky with a friend, after nearly running out of puff many times on the hills up and down we finally made it and set up to enjoy the glory of the dark skies in our area it was so clear that at one point it was mentioned it looks like you could reach out and to the stars i haven't seen it so clear in a while.


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We had our willow tree pollarded in April so I grabbed this quick picture before it sprouts back to life. When stood in the dark you could feel its presence behind you.  About 2hours of 30 second exposures stacked with Sony A7R3 and Sigma 14-24 2.8 lens. Taken 12th April 2021.



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Star trails around the North Celestial Pole. Taken from Bristol city centre, with no light pollution filter. The brightest line is Polaris -- close to the North Celestial Pole, but as this telescope view shows, not directly over it.

* 21 April 2021
* Bristol, UK (Bortle 8 )
* Telescope: Askar FRA400 f/5.6 Quintuplet APO Astrograph
* Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC-PRO
* Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G (turned off after initial slewing)
* Software: PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom
* 180 x 120 seconds
Total integration time: 6 hours
By Lee Pullen

Edited by Lee_P
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I captured the phases of the moon from Waxing Crescent (16 April) to Waxing Gibbous (26 April); the weather did not play ball to get the full moon tonight. I captured them on my 8" Dob at prime focus using a Nikon D3200 (iso and exposures varied on the phases). I combined single frames as a gif animation to show the movement of the earth's shadow across the moon.


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There are some stunning images here!  Well done folks, much effort and freezing appendages I think!

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