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Poor guiding in Dec on Sky Watcher AZ EQ6QT mount

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I have just bought a 2nd hand AZEQ6QT mount and my initial attempts at using it have produced guiding as below. Can anyone advise what is going on and what to do about it? There is a picture of graph on PHD2 and a guide log from same evening - but I don't know how to interpret them.



AZEQ6QT guiding 270221.jpg


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Have you checked your Dec axis for backlash?  A lot of input corrections there trying to correct your Dec. If you haven't done so already,  check the mount backlash is in good order then come back to the guiding analysis .

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The GuideLog says you have a 240mm FL guidescope and a QHY6 guidecam, is that correct ?

QHY6 is 752 x 582, you have entered 800 x 596, close enough.

Calibration Step is a crazily large 10,000 ms - where did that come from ? That's why there were "too few steps"

Did you use the Setup Wizard, or enter settings yourself ?

Focus at HFD = 4.85 pixels could be improved, use the HFD reading in the PHD2 Star Profile window to get lowest HFD.

Read and apply these Best Practices from the PHD2 guys:





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